Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hello Readers! This Blog Is Moving To Wordpress, Hold On To Your Hats!

Further posts will be published on Wordpress ... here: You should'nt have to alter your RSS feed ! But if you don't see new posts coming from Wordpress then go to the above link and update your feed (look for the "Subscribe" link in the links section). Why ? Well I've had increasing problems with Blogger, partly because their XHTML does not validate properly...critical in my opinion...if we all end up using buggy scripts then this beautiful blog world could well end up crawling to a standstill. WWW code has become so complex that standards MUST be conformed to...the whole point of having them! I actually like the Blogger system...maybe my post will encourage them to conform their scripts. Also I opened up a Blogger account a few years ago when things were very different for me....frankly it just does'nt feel right anymore. I will leave this site open anyway...I don't know...maybe I can find a future use for it ? This ship is moving on .... DJBarney

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