Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Biggest Social Revolution Since Prehistoric Tribes Started Talking To One Another

Get with the freaking BEAT !

While using Wikipedia (I give the link to the foundation...see link at the bottom of that page to the actual Wikipedia) to check something, I came across the amazing Richard Stallman who I discovered many years ago, after "escaping" from Windows 95 by finding The Free Software Foundation and...Richard Stallman...(he also has a blog at the FSF ).

I have been aware of Wiki for some time but it hadn't quite "clicked", and I wonder how many people are missing this HUGE...I mean MASSIVE social revolution, going on right under their noses!

I found this Green Mountain Daily blog entry ( perma link ). Follow the links he gives, that should impress on anyone there is a planet wide social revolution going on that is a hybrid of technology and actually very old ideas about how we can collaborate and work together.

This even extends to things like virtual negotiating tables that have been responsible for brokering peace, in very serious situations, in south Asia.

Here we see an enormous counter balance to the cynicism that has taken over the worldwide political process and the media.

This is very interesting. I've noticed this in other fields. The desire on the part of some people (and I say SOME) to take on the fear issues that we face and then amp them out of all proportion without counter balancing with a positive outlook!

For example, Richard Stallman links to an article from the Chaos Computer Club...

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...that gives instructions on how to disable Radio Frequency Identification Chips ( RFID ). My biggest worry about these, apart from having them all over the place, like passports and books (?!), is that they can be interrogated by anybody, with the right technology and skills, to get hold of your personal information.

There are also plans to implant them in your body!

But before you run screaming from the room the article above points out that RFID chips are so small that simply putting them in a strong enough electromagnetic field will burn them out making them useless!

Nevertheless we have a few "conspiracy theorists" (and again I say A FEW for a good reason) running around scaring everyone silly with their "they have absolute control" agenda.



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