Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

I have a long history of associations, off and on, over the years, with the mental health system. Although I've had many years free of them directly, their influence always seems to hover around, annoyingly, in the background.

I've seen some very insane things in the mental health system (well...obviously!), like the nurse who told me not to use the emergency button in a hospital room which I had pressed because I felt so awful that I thought I was dying or something. I said "But when DO you use it?! When you're having a heart attack!?". What did he say ? .... "Yes...that's right."....Now...WORK that one out!

I'm also aware that mentioning associations with mental health, here, even with my Matrix article below could well blow all credibility I have. This line of reasoning leads to an ever decreasing circle of insane reasoning that can only lead to ONE thing! That's right....INCARCERATION!

But that line of lunacy of these mental health "professionals" pales into insignificance in the of GENIUS, that is the Pink Panther film "The Pink Panther Strikes Again".

Breathing down the shoulder of every "mental health professional"...or "Psychiatrist" is none other than, The Pink Panther...

... and I'll explain why.

The basic premise of the film is that Inspector Clousea has actually created his own Nemesis ... the character of Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus.

The criminal that he spends the rest of the film tracking down has been created by him ! His insane inept lunacy sent Dreyfus mad, therefore creating the very thing he is employed to rid the world of. Hilarious!

There is another "profession" that is un-nervingly like this scenario....and that is the "mental health system".

Day after day "mental health nurses" and "psychiatrists" misdiagnose the problems of patients, fail to listen to their needs, subscribe medications that make their symptoms worse, and generally act like the very same Inspector Clousea that we so love and hate.

Therefore they leave a trail of misunderstood patients, suicides and misfortunes in their path.

It's enough to send anyone stark raving.....