Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cabin E14

Cabin E14 is the cabin that is sealed off at the end of the Star Trek Enterprise episode "Cold Front". Captain Archer finds he has picked up a crew-member from the future who reveals to him that mans first adventure into deep space engages him in a MUCH bigger cosmic story. This is the promise of the present before we reach 2012. An event that I'm convinced means the end of linear history because the way we perceive reality CHANGES then on a mass level. Many are aware of the mysteries of UFO's, geometrical objects on Mars, unexplained sightings of 'cryto-zoologic' animals, and the claustophobic 'turning in' of entire societies that allows them to destroy the very home they are living in. We have forgotten where we are. We've got confused ! Link Between Nuclear Testings And UFO Sightings? This article reminded me of a story I've been tracking for some time, with proper evidence recorded in the Disclosure Project book "Disclosure". This is what has happened. Man invented the Nuke. A weapon damaging to the space-time continuum, I suspect, because it unleashes forces not only of the known radiation type, but goes beyond known scientific laws in the energy it releases AND has a terrible price to pay in societal fear mongering. The secret research projects that the Manhatten project started carry on to the present day with confirmed sightings of exotically propelled craft and operations like the HAARP project capable of ever more bizaare effects: weather modification, earthquakes, etc. Our destiny has become unhinged from reality ! The mountain of Capitalistic power that runs this beast of secret projects and people confusing psy-ops-dumbing-down-tactics, has turned into a beast that stalks this planet and our future. But ALL it would take would be for a few people to open up to their instincts and go on a few REAL fact-finding missions, that would remove us from this quagmire of confusion. I've been keeping my list of wierd 'notable happenings' that is the first light of this cosmic door opening onto a strange new world that lies beyond 2012....have you ? Cabin E14 will never be opened... unless you peek in there yourself ! DJBarney