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The Tower Syndrome: Collapse Of The West

Andy Rouse. Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Captain Penguin: "Lieutenant Penguin! Do you accept this important mission! We're relying on you!". Captain's Assistant: "Yeah! I second that, yeah!".

In this article I aim, not to come to some final judgement or insight, but to stimulate further research and thought on this subject.

First a word from my sponsor...

"A message to the Group Mind. You do not have to follow this program ! You can turn this program OFF and follow another program at WILL. Just as easily as you can walk out the front door! Free your mind." [Sponsor name deleted for security reasons]. we've got that over with.

It's worth keeping the following in mind when I get to darker material in the middle of this document.

Traditional "Tower" Tarot Card.

The Crowley version of "The Tower" card.

"The "tower syndrome" always leads to the death of naive egotism and the subsequent resurrection, from its ruins, of a more fully functional self. Crowley also interprets this card as symbolizing the death or destruction of an era and its subsequent resurrection in a new civilization more in tune with the will of heaven. The persons who have experienced their own "tower syndrome" and learned the necessary lessons will be in a position to understand and deal with, in an appropriate way, the simultaneous dissolution of one world view and its replacement with a new and more functional world view. The kua give advice for ameliorating the worst effects of such a transition." 9

"Kua 42, "Increase," marks the beginning of decline. To soften the worst effects of the time to come one should work on broadening the base of participation in the relative abundance occurring in the time of increase. To do otherwise leads to the "tower syndrome" for the entire society. To continue the material growth of society for the benefit of only those at the top of the economic and social pyramid (and at the expense of those composing its base) is to persist in a process which will bring inevitable and irrevocable destruction to that society." 9

Of course The World Trade Center is (or, at least was) the representation of world material wealth par excellence.

For those who think I'm bringing up irrelevant "mysticism", then I would say that there are experiments that have been done that establish a link between DNA, light and a wider "Force like" energy field of which we are all a part.

The above quotes are related to one of the most ancient Oracles on Planet Earth, the Chinese "I Ching".

"Wilhelm: (kua 42) To rule truly is to serve. This conception also expresses the fundamental idea on which the book of changes is based."

Of course you're probably familiar with this system through this symbol...

There are ANCIENT, balancing, cosmic forces at work here!

Can we ignore this powerful symbolic language at this time? What are the ancient Chinese sages trying to tell us? After all, their civilisation remained relatively stable for over 4000 years, and of course survives as modern China.

These are the Genetic/Light sequences for "The Tower"...

"CUC=868=kua 3 "Difficulty in the Beginning"
UUA=667=kua 20 "Contemplation (View)"
UUG=667=kua 23 "Splitting Apart"
CUU=866=kua 24 "Return (The Turning Point)"
CUG=867=kua 27 "The Corners of the Mouth"
CUA=869=kua 42 "Increase"" 9

Well, as you can no doubt see, and hopefully FEEL, we are all involved in a huge change on Planet Earth. These changes have bought to the surface some rather dark material that I think is worth looking at, because it reveals the extraordinary levels of DECEPTION that we have been dealing with.

(As I said above, if this gets too dark, then remember the above...balancing forces.)

According to Wikipedia "There have been sensational exposés of the Illuminati in every generation since 1776". Although without a citation for this line (we don't know what these other exposés are) I think who ever wrote this piece raises an important point. Is researching "The Illuminati" like "chasing a ghost"...a "phantom". May the people in power even encourage this activity knowing that it resigns it's protagonists to quagmires of fruitless research and academic suicide?

Of course, you only need to look at the nearest Dollar Bill to find the symbol of a secret society.

The term "Illuminati" refers to Bavarian (German) branches of a secret society.

But may the REAL "Illuminati" actually BE The Bilderberg Group, The Rockefeller Foundation, the Skull and Bones fraternity, and so on? Groups we know hardly anything about because journalists are excluded from their meetings. And yet leaders that WE elect participate in those meetings.

Many of the major wars of the Twentieth Century have had some very mysterious origins. Of course the US Administration is well known for fermenting unrest in countries that it regards as a threat. The destruction of the Twin Towers in New York, "911", triggered a whole chain of wars, the prime example being the Iraq War. It is well known in the UK that a "dodgy dossier" was produced that claimed that Iraq had "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and the famous capability "to strike western targets in 45 minutes". Of course, we all know, that these claims came to nothing. Iraq's "WMD" weapons have never been found.

Could Iraq be the prime example of "manipulating a war into existence"...?

Antony C Sutton is the historian who first published work about the American "Skull and Bones" society of which both President Bush's have been members.

"A multi generational foreign-based secret society with fingers in all kinds of pies and roots going back to 'Illuminati' influences in 1830's Germany."1

His previous work had uncovered the following which is why he found the "Skull and Bones" information so intriguing. Why would a government finance it's own enemy ?

"His mainstream career was shattered by his devotion towards uncovering the truth. In 1968, his Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development was published by The Hoover Institute at Stanford University. Sutton showed how the Soviet state's technological and manufacturing base, which was then engaged in supplying the North Vietnamese the armaments and supplies to kill and wound American soldiers, was built by US firms and mostly paid for by the US taxpayers." 1

There are further hints at manipulation in the First and Second World Wars, the above being The Cold War of course. The First World War happened "coincidently" after a major financial institution hijacking of country resources in the USA, as documented in the film America: Freedom to Fascism.

The Second World War is rumoured to having been financed by Bankers connected to the Bush family. Some of this is researched in Suttons' books. I haven't read them yet, but I can see a pattern developing. There have been news reports of this information. Although you could argue that it might be some kind of attempt to discredit the Bush family by exaggerating claims, again it seems to fit into a general pattern.

Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951 - Federal Documents. From the The New Hampshire Gazette. 2

And how about this article...."Could Bush Become another Hitler?". In 2002 when it was published it looked extremist. But what about now ?

Yes, do we REALLY know why these people died ?

Scholars scoff at the theorised aims of the "Illuminati" being a one world religion and a one world government...and yet we DO have the global reaching posturing of George W Bush and the mass manipulation of people through taxes as documented in the film America: From Freedom to Fascism. The 911 "event" looks VERY convenient if you notice that it has started a whole movement of control, removing laws that protect your rights. Passing laws that allow torture. Changing established military doctrines against unwarranted interference in a countries affairs, and generally breaking every known civil mode of behaviour established over hundreds of years. These are "laws" of decency established by everyday people because WE know that it allows us, as humans, to live together in some kind of harmony.

Is Blair really a member of the Bilderberg group? Yes! According to the BBC. In fact Peter Mandelson appears as an attendee in parliamentary records. 3 The head of the Rockefeller group also attends these meetings. 4 If even the existence of the Bilderberg group is a "conspiracy theory" then why is it mentioned in parliamentary member interests and questions asked in parliament that are recorded on the official UK government website?

"Bilderberg Group

Mr. Gill: To ask the Prime Minister which members of his Government have attended meetings of the Bilderberg Group. [34298]

The Prime Minister [holding answer 16 March 1998]: None." 5

The questioner does not give a time scale...but Bilderberg interests are clearly listed on government member interest records for members of Tony Blair's government.

Here's another.

"Bilderberg Group

Mr. Keetch: To ask the Prime Minister which Ministers attended the meetings of the Bilderberg Group between 13 and 16 May in Strathclyde; and if he will make a statement. [43684]

The Prime Minister: My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Defence attended part of the Bilderberg Conference in Ayrshire from 14 to 15 May this year.." 6

This time Mr Blair does admit that a member attended the meeting. This is no "conspiracy theory".

For some reason "They regard it as an enlightened privilege to manipulate millions of people through war and famine".

Don't believe me? Well Tony Blair is also member of the Fabian Society. The following quote informs us of the shocking truth about this organisation. The lines addressed are in a key Fabian Society stained glass window, at their headquarters.

"Please allow me to repeat that line. This is the key to modern history, and it unlocks the door that hides the secret of the war on terrorism:

Dear love, couldst thou and I with fate conspire to grasp this sorry scheme of things entire, would we not shatter it to bits and then remould it nearer to the hearts desire?

Elsewhere in the window there is a depiction of Sydney Webb and George Bernard Shaw striking the earth with hammers. The earth is on an anvil, and they are striking it with hammers - to shatter it to bits! That's what they were saying at the Carnegie Endowment Fund. That's what they were saying at the Ford Foundation. "War is the best way to remold society. War! It will shatter society to bits, break it apart. Then we can remold it nearer to the heart's desire." And what is their heart's desire? It is collectivism." 7

The Fabian Society Window.

I think most people in this area are accustomed to being ridiculed, labeled a conspiracy theorist or even outright called paranoid and insane.

But aren't the "impossible to believe", murderous and cruel shenanigans of the "Illuminati" already known about ? Anyone can understand how the "final destination" of understanding the Illuminati could be rejected out of hand. This is because one realises that the last 100 years, even 2000 years of "Democracy" is a sham. While you've been carefully sweating over which box to tick and then going home glowing with the feeling that your carefully chosen party will put their manifesto to good public use for the good of every man (Ah! Take a Breath)...Yes...actually it's all been a SHAM. Because many in positions of authority and power are part of these "Secret" societies and have been slipping each other favours under the table while you weren't looking, or outright carrying out policies that never appeared in your manifesto. That were never mandated by the people.

This is like cheating at Poker. Or "fiddling" with the ball in Test Match Cricket. Any man or woman can understand the cheap unfairness of it and the dangerous consequences that can stem from that cheating.

It's also cowardice.

The members of the "Illuminati" apparently look on themselves as privileged super beings, when actually they are impotent shadows of men who never really grew up into the responsibilities of adulthood.

Here's the historian Sutton again from an (admittedly unconfirmed) interview. But I read these words after writing the above paragraph.

"How did I feel? I felt then (as I do now) that these "prominent" men are really immature juveniles at heart." 1

I'd also add that they exhibit the characteristics of being "brainwashed" by a cult.

Anyway...I mentioned the word Shadows. Where have I heard that before ?

(Actually the Wikipedia Illuminati page lists a document "They Cast No Shadows", and I came across the following image.

That, although it doesn't quite make sense if you look at its original purpose, it certainly illustrates my point).

Of course Jungian psychology speaks of the "Shadow Self".

But where have I heard that word "Shadows" before ?

Babylon 5 is a popular Science Fiction show that has been shown around the world.

I know some may find the following comparison facile in light of the truly serious nature of the previous discussion. "What bearing does a fictional series have on this serious subject?". Well, I would remind the reader that man and woman have used myth and stories since the dawn of time to understand our existence and all the challenges that that brings. John Sheridan is the Commander of a Space Station with many inhabitants living on it. His task includes protecting these inhabitants. An ancient enemy has recently come to light when we reach the following episode, who are recorded in the ancient texts held by the character G'Karr.

Babylon 5 and other races are involved in a war with "The Shadows". The following is quoted directly from the episode "Z'Ha'Dum" in season 3. 8

John and Delenn deal with the Shadows battle (Click for larger image).

John and Anna arrive at Z'Ha'Dum, the Home World of the Shadows, leaving their ship, the White Star, in orbit.

(Anna is Sheridans Ex Wife).

Anna (Knocks on door): Knock, Knock, Knock.

Old Man: "Anna, you've got him to come back with you. Excellent, just excellent!".

John and Anna arrive.

"Come in! Please. Have a seat".

[John's gun is taken off him]

"I'm making some tea, it's Camomile. but I can make something else if you like. It helps me sleep at night".

"Captain. I think you already know....".

John Sheridan: "Yes".

Morden: "Hello Captain".


Old Man: "Have a seat. Please."

John Sheridan: "Who are you?"

Old Man: "Now that's not really...important."

John Sheridan (almost shouting): "WHO ARE YOU!"

Old Man: "Who decides the workday is from 9 to 5 instead of 11 to 4 ?"

"Who decides the hemlines will be below the knee this year, and short again next year?"

"Who draws up the borders? Controls the currency ? Handles all of the decisions, that happen transparently around us?"

John Sheridan (annoyed): "I don't know".

Justin: "Ahhhh! I'm with them. Same group. Different department. Think of me as a sort of middle man."

"And the name is Justin".


"Come with me. Sit! Sit! The tea's getting cold."

"You see John, back a million years ago, there were forces prowling around the galaxy beyond anything that we could understand, and like anything else, most of them outgrew this little corner of the Universe, and headed off towards greener pastures. Now, two of them stayed behind, shepherds you might call them. They wanted to look after the younger races, bring them around, help them evolve into something better".

Morden: "One of these was the Vorlons, the other, was what you call the shadows".

Justin: "The Vorlons are like your parents, I suppose. They want you to play nice, clean your room, do it by the rules."

"I guess you could call them Lords of Order".

Anna: "The others, the one's who live here, believe that strength only comes from conflict. They want to release our potential, not bottle it up!"

Justin: "It's really simple. You bring two sides together....they fight! A lot of them die. But those who survive, are stronger! Smarter! And better!"

Morden: "It's like....knocking over an ant hill. Every new generation gets stronger. The ant hill gets redesigned. Made better."

John Sheridan: "So that's what The Shadows do. Come out every few thousand years and kick over all the ant hills. Start wars, destroy entire races."

Justin: "A few get lost...along the way. Yes. And that's unfortunate. I don't think it was ever easy. But you can't let that get in the way of the dream!".

Morden: "Think about it Captain! Look at the long history of human struggle. Six thousand years of recorded wars. Bloodshed! Atrocities....beyond description. But look at what came out of all of that. We've gone to the stars. Split the atom. Written sonnets. We would have never come this far if we hadn't been at each others throats...evolving...our way up...inch by inch."

Anna: "It was supposed to be an equal balance between our side and the Vorlons. But the Vorlons decided that their way was the right way. They enlisted the support of other The Minbari. They even started interfering with the development of younger races."

Morden: "When you look at a Vorlon, you see what they want you to see. They've manipulated us so we respond favourably to them. They've even interfered at a genetic level...taking humans and ...adjusting them. Why do you think certifiable telepaths came out of nowhere, a hundred years ago?"

Justin: "They created telepaths on a hundred use as cannon fodder for the next war, but fortunately our friends got there first, and with the help of the Psi Core , made sure that they came out on our side. John! They think that the human race shows great potential. When all this is over we can be riding HIGH! The first to rebuild! Making things our own way. But the only thing standing in our way now is YOU!"

"So we can either work together now....or we can remove your support mechanism."

[Cut to Shadow ships threatening Babylon 5 Space Station.]

Anna: "Everything depends on getting the other races to fight each other. To create conflict in order to promote growth and evolution. By getting them to co-operate you are working against that goal!".

Morden: "Whenever this starts, there's always someone who tries to organise the other races. You've done it. That's a commendable achievement. But as far as our goals are concerned...unproductive."

John Sheridan: "So! Why don't you just kill me."

Justin: "Doesn't work. Somebody will just come around and replace you. That's always been the trouble with creating martyrs. We've bought you here, hoping you'd understand us. Work with us! Not against us. You're important! Your what they call a turn one way, and the whole world has a tendency to go the same way. Let go!....of those other races. You can't hold them together! Evolution will be served, one way or the other. So, you can work with us, or...."

John Sheridan: "...or you'll do to me, what you did to Anna!".

[Pause...shocked looks.]

Anna: "I don't know what you...."

John Sheridan: "The memories are there. The voice is there. The DNA is there."

[Look of incredulity from Anna.]

John Sheridan: "But the personality! I look in her eye's and the woman I love, the woman I married...isn't there."

[More shocked looks.]

John Sheridan: "She would never go along with this!"

Justin: "You're right. Just so. You see, when she came here five years ago, she was given the choice. The same choice that we're giving you..."

[John secretly reaches for something in his boot.]

"She made the mistake of choosing badly...".


Morden: "How did you know?."

John Sheridan: "A few months ago we intercepted a ship full of people who were going to be 'merged' with the Shadow vessels. They had implants, in the brain stem, right back here." [Points at back of head]

"The scars on the back of her head are in exactly the same place."

Justin: "Our associates needed fresh bodies for the Central Processing their ships. But we pulled her out as soon as we found out who she was...and who you are. But once you've been inside one of those ship's for a're never quite....whole....again....TO DO WHAT YOUR TOLD! AND SO WILL YOU!"

[Actual Shadow alien arrives in the background.]

John Sheridan: Fires at the alien with a hidden weapon.

[Cut back to Babylon 5, where we discover that not all the nuclear weapons in the cargo bay are accounted for.]

John escapes the meeting to a balcony.

Below it lies the Shadow Capital City. Above a huge dome in the ceiling of the cavern that contains it, keeps out the planet's atmosphere beyond.

The White Star approaches.

John looks at the dome and starts typing commands into his wrist communicator.

The White Star, in orbit moves toward John: "Thermal fusion system armed for detonation".

Anna: "John! There's no where to run. Come back inside, we can work this out. I know this isn't the Anna that you knew. What I am is what was made in her. A new personality. She can never come back. But I can love you as well as she did."

John looks up and we can see the White Star approaching.

The White Star is almost there.

John (Hearing voice in head): "Jump! Jump! Now!"

Anna, and accompanying aliens approach....John jumps.

The White Star smashes the dome.

Anna looks up...sees the White Star...and SCREAMS!

The White Star hits the city and explodes.

[Pause. Change of scene back to, now unthreatened Babylon 5.]

(Did all that sound rather familiar?)

G'Karr: "It was the end of the Earth year 2260...and the war had paused...suddenly...and unexpectedly".

"All around us it is as if the Universe were holding it's breath...waiting".

"All of life can be broken down into moments of transition...or moments of...revelation."

"This had the feeling of both!"

"J'Kaan wrote...there is a greater darkness...than the one we is the darkness of the soul...that has lost it's way. The war we fight is not against powers and is against chaos..and despair."

"Greater than the death of the death of HOPE. The death of dreams. Against this peril we can never surrender !".

"The future is all around us...waiting in moments of be moments of revelation."

"No one knows the shape of that future...or where it will take us. We know only that it is PAIN".

The way may seem difficult after hundreds of years of manipulation, but with our fellow's suffering and dying and with the Biosphere in increasing trouble, what other option do we have than to fight for....



"Crowley: (I Ching, kua 42) Increase; now's no time to sit and shiver; but to move on, even to cross the river. ... Let all men share in thine improved estate! By soul's disorders realms disintegrate."

References / Citations. 1. Quoted in an unverified interview on
2. The New Hampshire Gazette Vol. 248, No. 3, November 7, 2003.
3. (Search for "Bilderberg" on this page).
4. "David Rockefeller (A life member, he has attended all meetings since the Group's inception in 1954)." From
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8. Babylon 5 is available at Amazon USA, or Amazon UK, as well as other outlets.
9. Taken from "Occult Genetic Code. The Great Primordial Language Rediscovered"

Friday, October 06, 2006

Pharma Wars: Playing with the Matrix

Now published on "Start the Revolution".

(This article is dedicated to all those suffering under the hands of "Big Pharma" or have loved one's suffering. It is also dedicated to all the cats, dogs and animals who suffer under the use of toxic worm pills, for example.)

"The plasma cannons discharged almost point blank. Ripping through shielding, bulkheads and electronics in the already shuddering target ship next to the Phoenix. A few magazine erupted in a nebulae glory of freeing plasma. But it was already too late. Despite his imagination he was unaware of the hideous grip that the drug had on his body. Only dimly aware that he had been given it in childhood. Like a virus infiltrating the Phoenix central mainframe the demons were released. The torment of the kid must continue, with those around him unaware of the destructive war against his body.

Out in the depths of space though, a medical fleet had been was only a matter of time now."

Excerpt from Cosmic War...Infiltration on Earth by DJBarney (unpublished).

Having just bought the 10 DVD Matrix box set, I should be running around in a leather trench coat, pretty soon now, with people pointing and sniggering.

It was in the first few years of this century before I'd seen The Matrix, that a friend of mine noticed my green customised lettering on my computer. I was also playing an Unreal Tournament Matrix inspired level where you jump between very high sky scrapers, completely unaware of the significance of it! My friend, of course recommended that I watch the film.

I was already in a highly catalysed state (if I can put it that way). In pain after getting into fights with other lost people. Becoming slowly aware that I had been shafted by the (Un)Health industry. Disturbed by developments like 911.

So the Matrix shot into my life, like a huge rush of teenage experimentation with a bong (not that I recommend that, but it's an apt analogy).

A Real Matrix.

Crop Circle Message from the 2002 'Alien Face' formation, Hampshire, UK:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word). There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)".

(Click for larger image) The Matrix posits the use of humans as an energy source. There is a system in the real world that has an unnerving similarity to this supposition.

"Big Pharma" will use your body as a 'profit machine'. What Dr Rath calls the "Business with Disease".

He also compares this situation to the stifling power of the Church in medieval times.

That situation changed. Why can't this one? (In fact it is).

You have been lied to. Anti-depressants, Chemotherapy, Anti AIDS drugs, and so on (including things like pesticides if you think about it) are all HIGHLY toxic and designed to make your health worse to give industries a further well of profit for their "medicines". This, of course, just like with the Church in historical times, is a method of control being used here.

The origin of anti-depressant use and 'science' lies in the discovery of LSD by the company Sandoz.

Everyone knows that LSD causes hallucinations (visually AND with ideas and feelings)...and yet modern pharmaceutical drugs are based on exactly this effect.

These medications are a technology. The virtual reality Matrix like world they produce may not be run by machines or computers but it achieves exactly the same thing...actually using your brain...your body.... ....your MIND.

"Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors do exactly that: Inhibit the reuptake of serotonin, thus leaving excess serotonin which allows this stimulation to continue. It has long been known that inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin will produce depression, suicide, violence, psychosis, mania, cravings for alcohol and other drugs, reckless driving, etc." Dr Tracy of the ICFDA

Let me say that again.."It has long been known that inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin will produce depression, suicide, violence, psychosis, mania, cravings for alcohol and other drugs, reckless driving, etc.".


What is going on here ? Why would a seemingly benevolent company sell medicines that are KNOWN to cause these effects ? Could it be because that makes them MORE profit? Could there even be a deliberate control agenda...well...I'll get to that later.

You might say...."I'm not a brain scientist....I'm not qualified to understand this effect".

You'd be right to be cautious but the mechanism is really very simple and easy to see when grasped...

(Note: If you can't see the images properly, below, you may have your browsers colours improperly set, so temporarily adjust them.)

The drug...(Prozac in this case, but they all work the same)...basically stops the normal reabsorption of Serotonin. Serotonin is a very important substance in the body. It is NOT only a brain chemical. Serotonin, in fact has effects on ALL organs of the body.

"Big Pharma" would have you believe that with a depressed person or a psychotic, we should be asking them to RAISE Serotonin levels when in fact we should be LOWERING them. I say again...according to Dr Tracy, and others...the damaging effects of Serotonin are well known about in the literature...i.e. the "side effects" so often associated with these drugs.

Now before you don your leather trench coat and start attacking your local Doctor or Psychiatrist I should add that a lot of people in this situation, especially "the Professionals" have been just as much duped as we have.

I'm convinced that many of them genuinely think that they are helping people with these drugs. But that's a kind of double sadness to me. Isn't it about time these coerced (in my opinion) "Healers" came out of this darkness...into the light (of the Truth!) and REALLY started helping people ?

I don't deny that there are some very greedy and manipulative people in Big Pharma, but I suspect that they are in the minority. This is a HUGE deception careful where you point that gun NEO !

The effect I have presented to you above, caused by these drugs, happens over the whole brain. The receptors aren't simply 'blocked'. It takes months for these receptors to recover when you discontinue use of the drug (WARNING: Always come off SSRI medications SLOWLY under expert supervision).

These pharmaceutical companies have plans to medicate us all, but they are losing.

Slowly the real history of where this problem came from is coming to light.

The origins of where the Pharmaceutical Industry went wrong is buried in the history of Eugenics.

If you do a bit of research you will find that the NAZI 'science' of Eugenics actually has it's origins in California. Before Hitler was even born!

The whole basis of Eugenics is that all diseases and imperfections should be erased from humanity "for the good of us all".

When the name of Eugenics had been tarnished it morphed into Genetics.

For some reason the name of Psychiatry lives on though.

Psychiatry was closely connected to Eugenics and the search for chemicals that would eradicate the heinous 'crime' of having a mental disorder.

When 'the penny drops' you'll find that modern Psychiatry and 'Big Pharma' suddenly look no different to the mentality of Eugenics that led to forced sterilisation before World War Two in America and eventually the horror of the NAZI 'final solution'.

These "Anti-Depressant" and "Anti-Psychotic" medications (by the way, some slimming pills and MDMA..."E", work in a similar way) apart from causing serious social disruptions, also can effectively make you STERILE. All the people I know who are taking these medications neither have a family or a girlfriend! Many labels on Antidepressant Pharmaceuticals, warn of “impotence”, and, of course, any medication containing toxic chemicals, or designed to seriously effect the functioning of you body, will have serious consequences for Sperm development.

I am not saying that exclusively this is the case but I am beginning to realise that this is an effect VERY convenient to the whole mentality of Psychiatry and "Big Pharma".

Bush and Co have close connections with these very same pharmaceutical companies and this whole paradigm based in the racial pretensions of eugenics. Is it any coincidence (I'd it's NOT!) that these characters interests are focussed towards 'coloured' parts of the world. People they regard as inferior and "who should be eliminated for your own good" ? It's forced sterilisation and eugenics by the back door. Any 'undesirables', ie the mentally ill are given these medications.

"How American corporate philanthropies launched a national campaign of ethnic cleansing in the United States, helped found and fund the Nazi eugenics of Hitler and Mengele — and then created the modern movement of "human genetics." Edwin Black.

From another article by Edwin Black, "Eugenics and the Nazis -- the California connection"...

"A special recipient of Rockefeller funding was the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics in Berlin.

For decades, American eugenicists had craved twins to advance their research into heredity. The Institute was now prepared to undertake such research on an unprecedented level. On May 13, 1932, the Rockefeller Foundation in New York dispatched a radiogram to its Paris office:




Many of these medications have warnings about sexual dysfunction on them.

I think this sums up well the current situation (also from Mr Blacks article)...

"Human genetics' genocidal roots in eugenics were ignored by a victorious generation that refused to link itself to the crimes of Nazism and by succeeding generations that never knew the truth of the years leading up to war. Now governors of five states, including California, have issued public apologies to their citizens, past and present, for sterilization and other abuses spawned by the eugenics movement."

Maybe I paint too strong a picture of a "real Matrix", but the answer is simple. Exercise your power to choose. "Choose Life!" as the film "Trainspotting" says.

Take the "Red Pill", because the "Blue Pill" is really exactly that: you can "wake up believing what ever you want to believe"....but it won't be the TRUTH.

Here is the "Blue Pill".'s yellow....this is the real world NEO !

I photographed this pharmaceutical myself wearing this glove...I suspect that it is so strong (this is the drug '"Olanzapine", trade name Zyprexa, an "anti-psychotic") that one risks absorption through the skin...just like with LSD!

Here is the "Red Pill".

It looks a bit more friendly doesn't it?

Of course there are many naturally based 'red pills', I only give this one as an example. Grapeseed extract is an anti-oxidant that can be used to recover the body (and therefore your mind) after pharmaceutical use..amongst other things. Remember...consult a trained Herbalist, Naturopath, or a Doctor 'in the know'. You can't just pick things off the shelf's of your local herbal store. All these herbs and extracts have specific uses and ways of using them that you should be aware of.


The ship moved out of broadcast range. An almost unheard of ray of sunshine beamed down onto the cold earth in the distance. The broadcast had been made...more clues for the inhabitants of the Matrix had been sown...."


If you doubt the truth and veracity of what I say, then check out these organisations.

The International Coalition for Drug Awareness

The Dr Rath Foundation

The Health Ranger

Dangerous Medicine Forum

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

And the REAL (tm) Truth will Set you Free...

Booby Prize

Nobel Prize for revolutionising medicine.

The latest news is that these two characters have won the Nobel Prize for their work in Gene reserch. Now, I was going to lay into the Nobel Prize as being corrupt and needing a revamp, but I'm not sure...maybe they made a mistake ? They have got it right before.

But awarding this prize for a technique that has'nt even been proven to cure cancer, or whatever...that seems a little premature to me.

And look at the technique it's self. A method of turning on and off genes at will ? Now, I don't claim to fully understand their technique but my mind boggles at the danger of this thing. what if their technique escapes into a virus, or the hands of a lunatic? Could this not be rather dangerous ? Like finding out how to flick the registers in your computer by bypassing the keyboard that YOU have control over ?

Anyway, anyone who has been following my rap will know that I have a pathological desire for revenge against the Scientific establishment.! That's not true. I try and be measured in my critiscism. But my health was damaged by a very faulty pharmaceutical I was given as a kid. A drug that came out of the same mentality as this new technique.

No doubt Nobel Prizes were also given out at the time I was given this drug (in 1976....the drug it's self was created in 1956).

These scientists remind me of neglected kids picking the wings of insects in the back garden and messing around with fire.

Look...your body is an organism that, if you think about it, has developed over the entire 13 billion history of the Universe. How can we possibly hope to fully understand all the nuances and complexities of such an organism that probably does'nt even work in the machine like terms that modern medicine seems to insist on ?

I am reminded of the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Concerning Flight". Janeway roams a planet with a character from her Holodeck program...namely Leonarda Da Vinci. Of course, being programmed for holodeck life only, this leads to some hilarious situations.

At one point Leonardo is shot....the beam (of "lightning" as he puts it) passes right through him...but he still lives.

Of course being a Da Vinci, he finds this rather disturbing.

(Janeway is Catalina to him).

"Catalina this is not possible!".

"Catalina...are we spirits....are we dead?".

(And now I quote verbatim)

Janeway: "Listen! If you were something other than a human being, if you were a different kind of animal. If you were a small bird, a sparrow. What would your world be like ?" Leonardo: "I should make my home in a tree...a branch of an elm."

"I should hunt insects for food, store for my nest, and in the springtime I should sing for a companion." Janeway: "You would know nothing of the politics of Florence, the cutting of marble, or mathematics...?"

Leonardo: "Of course not."

Janeway: "But why not!". Leonardo: "My mind would be too small." Janeway: "As a sparrow your mind would be too small, even with the best of teachers."

Leonardo: "If aristotle himself were to perch on my branch and lecture until he fell off from exhaustion...still the limits of my mind would prevent me from understanding."

Janeway: "And as a man, can you accept that there might be certain realities BEYOND THE LIMITS OF YOUR COMPREHENSION ?" (my emphasis)

Leonardo: " (pause)... If I could not accept that, then, I would be A FOOL". (my emphasis).

(voices of pursuers)

Janeway: "Come on !"

You'll have to watch the episode to find out who the pursuers are...but is'nt this what we're seeing here ? People who insist on going beyond their boundaries? Trying to understand everthing...fiddling with the workings of everything ! And look at the consequences of that. For a start a kind of madness of the mind, as the hubris of 'playing God' takes over, and terrible, terrible consequences because of the arrogance of thinking that everything they do must be faultless. There are limitations.

And yet if we work with the Universe instead of against it, then the rewards are literally astronomical.

The Ginko I take has developed in co-evolution with humans for millions of years and has proved beneficial. Do I have to understand how it works or prove it's effectiveness scientifically to the n'th degree for it to work ?


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The dam spills over...

Hello again whoever is reading. Another entry already ? Well feel free to comment on the previous entry as well if you want. I've become aware of this developing Foley Scandal in the US. On the "other side of the pond", here, I have been listening to Irish radio (RTE Radio 1) where they are discussing a scandal with the Catholic Church in Ireland. Priests have been caught abusing children and then have been moved to other parishes before justice could be properly dealt out. A letter was sent by an important Irish character to the Vatican....the Pope. He received a 37 page response but no reassurance that the Church had placed any kind of mechanism in place to protect these children. Diaries had been found written by one of these abusing priests. (By the way even reporting a case of child abuse acan result in ex-communication!). These diaries documented how this guy had a whole plan of abuse in operation here. These were no "random acts". He would actively look for families with an absent mother with some teenager looking for care and support and then go on to cruely exploit this need to his own ends. This reminded me of a nasty character I met in 1997, after the death of my Mother. I can remember how this guy was sitting in the middle of this party where I met him. Of course, I did'nt know it at the time, but am now 99% positive that this guy was following the same "satanic orders". He was looking out for someone vulnerable like me! Of course I was an adult, this is not child abuse...but the same nefarious mechanisms were in effect. This guy went on to abuse me eventually I'm afraid. One of the reasons I ended up in hospital for the first time. If my parents had taught me how to protect myself properly then this would have never happened. If Big Pharma had not stepped in when I was a kid (now there is the child abuse) then I would have had the emotions in me that would have screamed at me "stay away...this guy is evil!". But they were'nt there then. Now...those protective feelings are coming back watch out ! DJBarney

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm not the only one...

I don't like using other people's suffering to make a point, but in this case I think it's justified. State-sponsored medical terrorism: Texas authorities arrest parents, kidnap their teenage daughter, and force her through chemotherapy against her will I posted about this on FSHOD last year. I'm glad they got some legal redress...but even the Judge STILL thought she needed to have the damn TOXIC chemotherapy....DUH! This is exactly what happened to me...coincidently, last year (was it after posting about this? I can't remember the exact dates now). But as it says in the above article....a government this case British Police was co-erced to force me into a health damaging toxic treatment against my will. In this case the treatment was'nt chemotherapy but anti-psychotic drugs. The story is basically the same though. Unfortunately I did'nt have the support of my family ! I don't know how I've fact good 'ol fSHOD became my supporting 'surrogate' family ! So thanks crew! You are the best ! I can only equate my experiences to those endured by dissidents in the former Soviet Union..with the gulag being the mental hospital in this case. I would chastise anyone to be extremely carefull if you are in a similiar situation because I have been extremely niave and innocent about the lethal danger these people represent. It's tempting to become very vocal and argumentative about this health subject, but as the Health Ranger says...95% of people just are'nt ready to face this....yet! People can even get the wrong idea and work against you with these nasty authorities...something that was generating a lot of hate from me against the general population...this has now, thankfully, stopped in me. I can see that sadly, most people have been co-erced by this nasty system....FOR THE MOMENT ! Comments ? DJBarney PS BTW A good intro to The Health Ranger and the News Target Network and Truth Publishing, etc is