Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The dam spills over...

Hello again whoever is reading. Another entry already ? Well feel free to comment on the previous entry as well if you want. I've become aware of this developing Foley Scandal in the US. On the "other side of the pond", here, I have been listening to Irish radio (RTE Radio 1) where they are discussing a scandal with the Catholic Church in Ireland. Priests have been caught abusing children and then have been moved to other parishes before justice could be properly dealt out. A letter was sent by an important Irish character to the Vatican....the Pope. He received a 37 page response but no reassurance that the Church had placed any kind of mechanism in place to protect these children. Diaries had been found written by one of these abusing priests. (By the way even reporting a case of child abuse acan result in ex-communication!). These diaries documented how this guy had a whole plan of abuse in operation here. These were no "random acts". He would actively look for families with an absent mother with some teenager looking for care and support and then go on to cruely exploit this need to his own ends. This reminded me of a nasty character I met in 1997, after the death of my Mother. I can remember how this guy was sitting in the middle of this party where I met him. Of course, I did'nt know it at the time, but am now 99% positive that this guy was following the same "satanic orders". He was looking out for someone vulnerable like me! Of course I was an adult, this is not child abuse...but the same nefarious mechanisms were in effect. This guy went on to abuse me eventually I'm afraid. One of the reasons I ended up in hospital for the first time. If my parents had taught me how to protect myself properly then this would have never happened. If Big Pharma had not stepped in when I was a kid (now there is the child abuse) then I would have had the emotions in me that would have screamed at me "stay away...this guy is evil!". But they were'nt there then. Now...those protective feelings are coming back though....so watch out ! DJBarney

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