Sunday, August 28, 2005

My final Cydonia proofs:

The Grid: The Site: http://


A. Some of the site looks like an archaeological site...see "New Elevation Data over Cydonia Reveals More Surprises" by Carlotto for an image example (actually in Pacatnamu, Peru, showing eroded pyramids). B. The 'Square' complex to the South of the Face aligns on it's horizontal axis onto a line aimed exactly at the bottom of the 'second face' (the 'wall') to the right, east, of the main Face. C. The Face has a 'teardrop', so does the 'wall' face to the east which has another 'teardrop' visible at a around 33 degree viewing from the south. D. The higly geometric nature of the 'D&M' pyramid and it's 'targetting' on (Electric_Ashalars') 'the grid'. E. The Face itself which is also on 'the grid'. F. The City Pyramid is aligned on 'the grid'. ? 8-}

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