Saturday, August 20, 2005

Arm Photon Torpedoes...but don't fire yet ! Standby Phasers...but don't fire ! Set hand Phasers to STUN. Move into Earth orbit. Scientific scans initiated. All hands on deck ! Alert! Alert! Now hear this! Now hear this ! This is an urgent message from a member of the crew currently working underground on this Planet called Earth: There is an unrecognised problem here threatening the inhabitants of this planet. WE are dealing with a multi-faceted, high level problem here: A. Fluorine in the water which is used to pacify people. (it was used by the Nazis for exactly that use...look it up....I would'nt put it here otherwise). B. Microwave mobile phone masts being put near childrens playgrounds (search for 'Winchester')....why?'s just not worth the risk is it ? Aren't these masts being used for something else ? The frequencies used just happen to be around the vibrational freq of the skull.... ...(look it up!). C. Copiuous amounts of useless lwo-grade information to CONFUSE (well that's easy enough to SEE). D. Large amounts of stullifying or construct "a matrix of supressed emotions"....antidepressants.... ...behavioural drugs for name it. E. The management from SOMEWHERE of a supressed, confused, STUNNED population that is conditioned to see everything like this message as a 'conspiracy theory'...they are asleep...but I do have evidence from observing behaviour that they actually KNOW ALL THE ABOVE SUBCONSCIOUSLY. F. Go to back to A. untill this situation changes....and it HAS to change ! Transmission end. Weapons on STANDBY ONLY. Contacting the fleet now :-) barney Addenum/Qualifier to the above: Fluorine is also sterilization by the back door - it poisons the Gonads ! And before you say "oh it's only a low dose" then I'd say, well, a poison is a poison. Before you say "oh it occurs naturally" then I'd say...well...look at India where it DOES occur naturally in the water in some areas...they have to be medicated to negate the nasty effects! Before you say..."oh it must be for teeth"....then I'd say it actually causes ulcers in childrens mouths ! See (well ok, I'll give you a link, but I really want you to find and understand the info yourself)... barney djbarney said... "I know why the caged bird sings" SOLUTIONS: A. Fluorines/Fluorides Tea (yes TEA!).... "The tea bush tends to accumulate Magnesium, Aluminum and Fluorine. Magnesium is an essential nutrient for man but Aluminum is not known to be essential to human health. But is always present in human tissue. Studies have shown that the body may not absorb aluminum in tea. Fluorine is beneficial for dental health." ( ) You see its in there but balanced ! It may be beneficial for dental health IN TEA...but when used willy nilly it can be disastrous! What is in tea that balances the Fluorine ? Can't it be used to SLOWLY take it out of this system (the unnaturally added Fluorine) ? B. Mobile Phone Masts Orgone generators ? Apparently they can 'balance out' the excess energy although I'm not absolutely sure about this one. Anyone ? C. Info Overload / Just plain bad info. Ground out. Money...Religion...Banks... ...War...Peace.....Anger.... ...PULL THE PLUG AND WATCH IT ALL DRAIN AWAY.... D. Pharmaceutical drugs... Don't use them ! (note: if you are on any kind of eg. antidepressant then come off SLOWLY). E. Population Delusion Face them down...get them TO LOOK AT THIS. THEY HAVE TO....EVEN IF THEY FREAK... DON'T THEY ? F. Don't go back to A unless you are 1. calm ....2. Your health is OK....3. You have a support network...4..well you get the idea. DJBarney

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